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Pulse Rates

Pulsed light has many advantages over constant light. Research has demonstrated that pulsed light penetrates deeper than constant light.

All biological systems in our body pulse  - our hearts, our lymphatic fluid, our cranial fluid, our heart and lungs etc.  The adjustable pulse rate range of the Aura-Glo (2-20) is designed to actively reinforce our physiological processes.  

We evolved in a huge electromagnetic field known as the Schumann Resonance.   It is based on an electromagnetic field set up by  lightening strikes around the earth which cause waves between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere.  The range is between 7 - 40 cycles per second, but the average is 7.8.    This is why many of our physiological pulses mirror the pulses of our larger electromagnetic environment. Research demonstrates that externally applied signals, such as those emitted by the Aura-Glo, can influence body rhythms. This is called "entrainment".

In addition research suggests that the pulse effect of an electronically stimulated noble gas (Xenon in this case) has regenerative and curative effects.  The secret is the pulsed plasma in the tube.  (Rife Research Laboratory)

The Aura-Glo has a knob at the back which adjusts the pulse rate of the light from 2 - 20 pulses per second.  These rates are not indicated by numbers around the dial  and are approximate.

Choosing where to set the pulse rate knob is easy.

NOTE:  if the knob is turned all the way left, the light is off.  Always leave it adjusted so that the light flashes. 

  Start with the dial set about midway between the lowest pulse rate and the highest pulse rate - this would be approximately 9-10 pulses per second.  From there - set it where you or your client feel most comfortable - usually this is lower - between 4 -7 pulses per second.

You may also set it by the following variables:

  • According to  the amount of pigment in the skin - the more pigment the higher the rate.  Pigment which makes skin dark, inhibits light, thus increase the pulse rate  for grades of pigmentation.

  • Specific areas - such as dark areas under the eyes, or age spots, or conditions including blemishes might be helped by turning the pulse rate up.

  • You may adjust the pulse rate to approximate Brain Wave Cycles Per Second.  This produces an effect called "Entrainment"  where the brain waves match the light pulses of the Aura-Glo.


Brain Wave Frequencies

Brain-Wave Frequency State of Consciousness Brain Wave Sample

14 to 30 cps

Fully-Awake, Alert, Excitement, Tension

8 to 13 cps

Deeply-Relaxed, Passive-Awareness, Composed

4 to 7 cps

Drowsiness, Unconscious, Deep-Tranquillity

.5 to 3.5 cps

Sleep, Unaware, Deep-Unconsciousness

cps = Cycles Per Second

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